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Custom Pool Cue Shaft Creation

We make a custom jump shaft that is short (12-14") and cone tapered rather than pro tapered. These pool cue shafts are made of Purple Heart wood, very dense. They are used with the full butt for jump shots that require more accuracy. Rules require the jump cue to be 40" or more, so a butt length of 29" and shaft 12" together are 40"+ and legal for league and national events. This shaft allows the player to jump balls 3-5' away from cue ball and most important, you don't have to elevate the butt more than 20-25 degrees. These jump shafts aren't widely used yet, but they're out there.......and they are effective. See me, I'll let you jump with will be surprised at the accuracy of this jump shaft style! Yes, there are players who carry more than 1 jump shaft!

Free return shipping on all cue repair orders over $75.00 through the end of the year!

Semi-Custom Cue Shafts

Are you looking for a pool cue shaft w/ a non-standard taper or diameter? We have a large inventory of AAA+ Sno-White Superb shaft wood in various stages of completion. Most don't realize that shaft wood starts off as 1" x 30" squares. We only use Northern Michigan and Canadian Hard Rock Maple that is kiln dried for 8-10 weeks before it even ships to us. Then, the squares are turned round to 1" dowels, hung up for 3-4 weeks, then turned down in steps of .025 and dipped in Resolute, a wood stabilizer, and hung out again for several weeks to 'get happy' in the NE Florida climate.

The shaft wood is turned down approximately every 4-5 weeks, each turn taking about 30-40 thousandths off. This helps the wood to move and warp. Each successive turn reduces the warp until it's turned out from the machining. When it's about .910 in diameter, the wood is turned in a straight taper over 12-16 weeks. We have 6-12 pool cue shafts ready for final dimensioning and the wait time is minimal for a finished shaft. The pro taper isn't machined until the wood is dead straight and a customer decides on the taper length and finished diameter. Truly a custom shaft, these Sno-White shafts will weigh approx 4 oz., have 15-20 growth rings per inch and are worthy of the finest cues. We sell them for $140.00 plus ferrule/ tip and can match exactly the ringwork on shaft collar to the cue butt. We inventory nickel silver rings .15 and .30, sterling silver rings .15 and .30. We can match all joint screw sizes and even have 3 styles of inserts.

Please contact us to discuss your repairs.

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CueWorks, etc
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