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Pool Cue Products – Cue Tips from Kamui, Tiger & More

CueWorks, etc. is an authorized Kamui products pool cue tip dealer/ installer out of Starke, Florida. We are also a dealer/ installer for Tiger Products, from tips, to Sabre-T Ferrules, Tiger Stack Leather Wraps & exotics, Tiger Ultra X-Shafts and Tiger accessories. And Yea!! Tiger Products are manufactured in Burbank, CA USA!! We do make some good stuff in this country. All Prices include installation and basic shaft cleaning (if requested)

Single Layer Cue Tips:
All prices quoted include installation.

LePro (m 78.2) $15.00 finest, most popular single layer tip. Oak leather, newest version of LePro, which is thicker than original LePro.

Triumph (m 76.9) $15.00 a red fiber-backed tip known for its firm hit. Oak tanned.

Triangle (h 81.4) $15.00 made from prime portions of chrome tanned leather hides. Specially treated.

ElkMaster (s 60.1) $15.00 softer, chrome tanned leather tip.

Barringer ElkDud (m 71) $18.00 an ElkMaster tip soaked in milk, then dried under pressure to produce a slightly more firm hit, less prone to mushrooming than ElkMaster.

Sumo (ex-hard 89) $22.00 a red-dyed buffalo hide.
Good value as a break/ jump tip.

Water Buffalo (h 81.2) $22.00 high density water buffalo tips with a stiff hit that lasts longer than other single layer tips.

Free return shipping on all cue repair orders over $75.00 through the end of the year!

Layered (laminated) Tips/ Specialty Tips:

Phenolic tip/ ferrule combo $25.00 (super hard 90) suitable for jump shafts. legal for jump shots in BCAPL Regional or National events eff: 06/2009. Not legal for Break shots according to BCA rules 06/09.

Raven Composite Break/ Jump Tips $25.00 (G-10) super hard. White color for short jumps over a close interfering ball. Green color for long shots over partial ball. Black color normal jumps and/ or break shots (NOT legal as break tip in BCAPL Regional or National events). Made by Raven Custom Cues.

Read about Kamui on the OMGWTF blog .

Kamui II (s 69.6, medsoft 71.3, med 75 and hard 81.9 $40.00) Imported from Japan, the Kamui layered tip consists of 100% pig skin leather. Kamui is the cutting edge for cue tips. With it's unique production process, the tip maintains high porosity in the pig skin, allowing the Kamui cue tip to hold chalk very well. They are made by compressing ten layers of pig skin to create the best cue tip on the market today. Each layer is carefully laminated, creating uniform quality and performance. This lamination and compression process allows us to be a competitive force.....more than the industry standard. Kamui II pool cue tips come in soft, medium soft, medium and hard.

Kamui Black (ss 65.5, s 69.6, m 75, h 81.9 $45.00) The "KB's"......are specially selected 100% pig skin. The leather is tanned by a special moisture-proof tannin, giving the 'Kamui Black' it's black color and making it 'humidity resistant'! 'Kamui Japan' found a way to apply this process without interfering with the porosity, adding more elasticity to the KB cue Tip and protecting it from the environment.

What you should expect from the Kamui Black Tip...longer durability and more elasticity allowing more spin on the cue ball without overstroking. KB's have the same ability to grip onto chalk as Kamui II. To see these amazing tips in action visit and to see all the cool Kamui 'stuff' visit

Tiger Pool Cue Tips
VACULAM lamination process, MADE IN USA!!

Onyx - LTD®laminated cue tips (m 73-76) (medium boar hide) $45.00 This pool cue tip is made with the same boar hides as our Sniper tips. Each of the finest layers are then collected and aged with Tigers’ own secret process, turning each layer to black without using a black color dye. It is a very slow and time consuming process, however the end result is unbelievable to say the least. During this process, we are able to soften the layers to medium hardness, while making the leather firmer. It makes the tip easy to maintain and helps to cut better during repairs. Onyx - LTD® is the most consistent by far of any tips made. It will only be produced in limited numbers per year, since part of the natural process it goes thru, does take a long time. For those who want to have the best, Onyx- LTD® is your choice, because it’s pure and it’s perfect. Special thru 07/31/13...mention this and get the 'Onyx' for $40.00!

Tiger Sniper (mh 77-80) $40.00 This pool cue tip is made from a bore hide that is tanned the old fashioned way, underground. Treated slowly and without chemicals, each hide takes up to a year to tan completely. The hide is then treated in our USA factory to give Sniper tips characteristics that will improve your game. The VACULAM uses a unique vacuum lamination process that eliminates air between layers and within theleather. We have also added a new treatment,"APP" advanced pressurized process, to make the cue tips adaptable to any player or game, regardless of style. We GUARANTEE that Sniper has all the characteristics of a tip that will hold chalk well and will NOT MUSHROOM. It will give you maximum control, consistency and least amount of deflection a cue tip can offer. "PRECISION AT IT'S BEST!"

Tiger Everest (m 73-76) $35.00 Selected for the finest quality pig skins in the world, the Everest tip is the most sophisticated, durable and advanced cue tip created. Each layer is carefully selected and split. From these splits, only the ten most even and durable layers are chosen. By vacuum laminating with our own VACULAM process, Everest tip becomes the best laminated cue tip ever. Each Everest Laminated Cue Tip is individually tested for consistency, hardness and quality. A special red layer indicates when the tip needs to be replaced. This cue tips shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has control like a soft tip. Play with one and experience 'THE ULTIMATE HIGH IN PLAY!'

Tiger Laminated Cue Tips (s, m, h $32.00) Laminated with VACULAM process and made out of eleven layers of either pig skin for our medium and hard tips, or cow hide for our soft, Tiger Laminated Cue Tips give the players the most choices on hardness, playability or control. Our soft tip, made of white color cow hide, give the player all the benefits of a soft pool cue tip without mushrooming much. Both of our medium and hard Tiger Tips have dark brown color and are made with two different types of treated pig skins. By using the natural characteristics of the leather, we are able to achieve better consistency and maximum control on the specific hardness. Each hardness is then checked with a DUROMETER tester for its range. Tiger Laminated Cue Tips, play with one and "IMPROVE YOUR GAME!"

Tiger Dynamite Layered Cue Tips (h 80-83 $30.00) This hard tip is a very consistent cue tip with good control. Dynamite multi-layer cue tip is made of five layers of pig leather and treated to a specific hardness naturally. Laminated with VACULAM process, Dynamite Cue Tip is the best priced laminated cue tip for it's quality and durability. The tip is ideal for cue makers and manufacturers as a standard tip for their line of cues. When you play with Dynamite "IT BLOWS THE COMPETITION AWAY!"

Tiger Emerald Laminated Cue Tip (med. hard $17.00) After years of R & D and inspired by player requests, Tiger has created the latest masterpiece, Emerald Laminated Cue Tips. New Emerald tips are made with recycled pig leather splits and laminated with water based custom made adhesives to get the maximum strength for lamination. Skivved with ten consistent layers in our Burbank, CA factory, and laminated with VACULAM process, Emerald tips are the most economic and environmentally friendly laminated cue tips ever. "GO GREEN AND SAVE!"

Tiger IceBreaker (superhard 96-98) $40.00 Phenolic/ leather Break/ Jump Tip

Tiger Products challenged itself in creating a jump/ break cue tip that makes it easier for the user to execute close quarters aerial jump shots and execute an iceberg stahhering break shot. All of this without sacrificing accurate cue ball control and avoiding the dreaded miscue. Following 3 years of research and development, we have created the definitive jump/ break tip of the future! This hybrid tip utilizes an ultra hard laminated leather core, (w/ leather contact surface) allowing for greater chalk adhesion and a phenolic jacket restricts cue tip expansion upon impact. So, all the power you put into your stroke transfers immediately and accurately to the cue ball without cause for miscue. The result is increased break shot speeds and 'light as a feather' jump shots! Manufactured with VACULAM process, this copyrighted Tiger technology has produced an incredibly powerful tip! IceBreaker Cue Tips, "POWER BEYOND IMAGINATION!" *This tip is legal for break/ jump in all leagues and tournaments.

Tiger Jump/ Break Tips (super hard 92-95 $35.00) We all know one of the key shots to winning, is how well you break. In addition to breaks, there are times in the game where you need just as much control for jump shots. Jumps are becoming one of the most important shots in today's game. Just making the jump shot isn't enough, if you're serious about winning. Tiger Laminated Jump Cue Tip is the difference between making the shot or making it with a lot of control. Selected from quality cow and pig hide, this tip is made with the same quality as our entire line of laminated cue tips. Vacuum laminated with VACULAM process, the bottom half is laminated for power and the top half for maximum control. Tiger Laminated Jump cue Tips, when it really comes down to it, all you have to do is "ELEVATE YOUR GAME!"

Other Brands of Cue Tips

Morakami™ Pool Cue Tips are engineered for maximum performance.

Maximus Professional Cue Tips a 14mm high end black pigskin layered pool cue tip that is designed for maximum efficiency, maximum play and most importantly maximum control. These tips are selectively skived from the finest pigskin to within thousandths to achieve the same thickness each and everytime. They are then treated with a proprietary resin to maintain their shape, form, density and playability. These are a 10 layer tip which are available in Soft, Medium and Hard.

Maximus Professional Cue Tips maintain their shape, don't glaze over, won't mushroom and cut beautifully for easy and perfect installation.

Super Pro Cue Tip made with hand selected and hand crafted buffalo hide. Super Pro Tips are reddish in color, 14mm, and they have a medium-hard hit. For the price and quality I believe you will be pleased. Order some Super Pro Tips today!

Karomi Original tips are 12 Layers of Japanese pig skin which allows you to gain consistent cue ball control. They are only available in 14mm. A great tip at a great price. These are a medium tip.

The Karomi Black Cue Tips Pearl laminated tip has 12 layers of hand picked premium quality pig skin. They are designed to put more spin on the cue ball during lower speed hits. These tips are specially formulated to maintain their shape and offer you maximum momentum control. They also hold chalk really well and give you great control.

American Eagle Cue Tips (Brown or Black) each skin is skived to exacting specifications for precise and even thickness. Each skin is precise and each layer which is laminated is precisely the same as all its counterparts. Every tip is consistent and the playability is exact from tip to tip. This painstaking process does not come cheaply as it's labor intensive but the end results are worth the process. Not only are the skins matched but each skin is treated with a proprietary process to insure stability and consistency from tip to tip. You will feel the difference in the 'hit'! American Eagle Performance Cue Tips resist miscues and mushrooming due to their superior lengthy construction and proprietary treatment process. American Eagle Performance Cue Tips offer you that solid and consistent feel which allows you to achieve maximum cue ball control with each and every shot.

Thomas Cue Tips Laminated Cue Tips one of the finest layered tip on the market. As many of you know, one of the leading laminated tips is very famous and known for its quality but it tends to mushroom. Thomas Cue Tips don't mushroom!

As many of you know, another leading new layered tip craze to hit the market is being promoted with huge fanfair however they tend to glaze over along the edges causing miscues. Thomas Cue Tips don't glaze over!

Thomas Cue Tips hold their shape, hold chalk, offer excellent cue ball control and consistent play. They hold up and you'll love these tips over any other tip on the market. These tips are that great.

Samson Pool Cue Tips - 14 Layer are 14mm and 14 layers. Samson Tips are medium tips that are the rage because of their consistent quality and low price. Samson Pool Cue Tips are made from high grade pig skin and pressed together using the latest adhesives and pressure treatments. Samson Tips transfer more spin and control over other similar tips and really hold chalk well. Samson tips hold their shape!

Samson tips are guaranteed to hold chalk well and will not mushroom. Samson Tips will give you maximum control, consistency and least amount of deflection a tip can offer.

Samson Tips are an exceptional buy! In fact, if we advertised and printed glossy brochures to promote these tips, they'd be priced just like other tips in the $7+ range.

'Poison' brand 'Sarin' tip (m 75.4 $30.00) Created for the 'Poison' Cue line by Tiger Products, Sarin has 8 layers of pig skin, first 5 colored blue and bottom 3 layers red to warn it's time for a replacement.

We also have a limited supply of 'Poison Arsenic' brand cue tips at $26.00 while they last.

Hercules (h) and Hercules H2 (m) $25.00 laminated pig skin hide.

Tiger Pool Cue Tips - Wizard (soft, medium or hard) $28.00 These cue tips are exceptional quality, 11 layer pigskin.  Many compare them to Moori III and a few say they're a better value because of a lower price.

Tiger Pool Cue Tips - Black Diamond (hard) $22.00 11 layer Water Buffalo, holds chalk well

Talisman WB (m 74.7, h 83.2 $30.00) made from local bred, high grade buffalo hides, only the very best material is selected from each hide. Superior ball control and greater consistency. Holds chalk much longer and won't mushroom

Talisman Pro (s 64.3, m 73.9, h 81.4, xh 86.2 $30.00) High quality pig skin and requires little maintenance. Far outlasts single layer tips.

Talisman Break Tips (super hard 98.3 $30.00) layered buffalo hide.

Moori V (mh 78.5, $40.00) 4-layer premium pigskin tips. Moori V is new to the market as of 2011. The Moori-V comes in one hardness. It is not a soft tip, but somewhere in the range of medium to hard. 

Moori III (s 63.8 m 74.2, quick 82.7 $40.00) Premium 11 layer pig skin. This popular tip offers consistency and superior quality. Imported from Japan and we buy direct from the USA distributor for consistency lot to lot and batch to batch. It's the genuine Moori III!

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